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Is the EZ Links Handicap USGA-Certified?

Yes, the EZ Links Handicap is a certified USGA Handicap Index.
Will my handicap be accepted at tournaments in Washington or outside of the state?
Yes, your EZ Links USGA Handicap Index will be valid and accepted at any venue or competition that requires a USGA Handicap Index.
Can I play in WSGA & PNGA events with this handicap?
While the WSGA & PNGA will accept your EZ Links USGA Handicap Index, both of these groups require that you be a member with the WSGA in order to participate in their events. WSGA memberships will still be available for purchase through Avalon.
How can I print out a handicap label/index card?
You may print a label at the handicap terminal just as you did with the GHIN software.
When can I start posting scores?
Per the requirements of the USGA, the handicap calendar will be the same as our regional association, the WSGA. The active season is March through November. The first day of posting is March 1.  Online posting will be available as well.
Where do I post my scores?
Scores can be posted at the EZ Links Handicap terminal at Avalon, and may also be posted online under the Handicap section at
If I play another course, how do I post that score?
If the course is in Washington State, it will be available on the network. However, if you play out of state, please save your scorecard and post the next time you are in the Pro Shop or you can visit the Handicap section at and post your score online.
Is this the same as a GHIN account?
No, the EZ Links Handicap Network and GHIN are separate handicap computation services. Both are used commonly by regional golf associations across the country, and both use the same required formula to calculate your USGA Handicap Index. They are simply different providers of the same service.
How often will my handicap be revised?

EZ Links Handicap Network will be on the exact same revision schedule as GHIN, with a new revision occurring every other Wednesday during the active season (March-November).

Please feel free to contact us should you have additional questions about your handicap:

Phone:  360-757-1900 or 800-624-0202


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