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As we head into the busy season for the maintenance crew at Avalon, let's look back at a few of the projects we were able to get done this past winter.

Although the weather didn't cooperate most of the winter (especially a very snow-covered February), we were able to get a few projects done.

One of those was removing most of the railroad ties that had been put into the ground next to paths around some of our greens and tees. Although the purpose of these railroad ties had no doubt been to establish a border and, in some instances, a bit of a curb between path and grass, all of them had become slipping hazards. Railroad ties just don't work in our climate for walking on. Any ties we did not remove this past winter we'll take out next winter.

Although we didn't take as many trees down this past winter as we normally do (dying alders mainly), we did remove a dozen or so annoying cottonwoods whose roots were destroying cart path areas, bunkers and in some instances encroaching into green and tee surrounds.

We also removed the rotting split rail fence along the parking lot and the range. Really no need for it. We are going to replace the split rail fence taken down behind 9 south green. We like this fence as it deters golfers from cutting across the chipping green when walking off 9 south.

As I write this on April 12th, greens and tees have been aerified and topdressed already this spring, and we are finishing up the south fairways this week. By the end of April the north and west fairways will be done as well. Greens are rolling terrific for this time of year.

A couple planned projects we were not able to get done over the winter (mainly because of a busy January keeping up with course mainteneance during the good weather that month, and a lost snow-covered February), included leveling the tee on 6 south and shortening the approach bunker on 8 west. These two projects are definitly on the docket for next winter.

I'll update again as we transition from spring to summer. Enjoy yourself out there!

- Ron Furlong, Superintendent

April 2019

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