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Maintenance Updates

On your travels around Avalon you may have noticed some renovations to a couple of holes.  Namely, 2 North and 4 West.

On 2 North we cleared behind the back tee and then built onto th eback of the black tee, lengthening the hole for the big hitters by 15 yards, from 167 to 182.  This gives us the ability to put the black markers to a longer distance from time to time and occasionally drop the green markers back to 167 (not too often).

We also cleared around the green on 2 North.  This was mainly done becasue of the fact we made the hole tougher from the back tees.  The surrounding area around 2 North green was challenging.  The trees and stumps directly right of the green as well as all the brush behind the green made missing the green either right or long next to impossible to recover from.

Thus, we hope by removing trees and stumps to the right and extending our grassy area significantly behind the path back of the green, we'll at least give golfers a fighting chance for a second shot.  My caution would be to play the hole short.  You don't want to hit the path behind the green either in the air or on a bounce.

The other added benefit to the tree removal around the green is increased light for the health of the turf and also a quicker thaw when we're frosty.  2 North has always been a hold-up in allowing us to have play go north in frosty conditions.

The west changes were a little more unconventional.  Since my arrival at Avalon in 2002, we have built or lengthened 18 different tees.  The renovation done on 4 West tee was the first time we actually took teeing ground away.  The reason being the tee was a bit overbuilt.  The front of the tee on 4 West was actually less than 70 yards from the center of the green.

We remover about 20 yards of tee and still have ample teeing ground for the gold, blue, and white markers.  The gold and blue markers still play from 93 yards, which they always have.

This material we removed gave us some fill to add to the bunker we shortened on the same hole.  The bunker on 4 West, like the tee, was overbuilt.  The beginning of the bunker (lower portion) was not even 40 yards from the big tee.  Because of its slope, the bunker was also the most difficult hazard for us to maintain.  Trying to keep ample sand in the top of the bunker was always a challenge.

So, we shortened the bunker and gave it a new shape.  We think it came out great and is an improvment to the par 3.

Let us know what you think of the changes made to the two hole!

- Ron Furlong, Superintendent

March 2014

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